5 DIY Auto Glass Repair Risks

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If your windshield is cracked or chipped, you may notice a variety of DIY auto glass repair kits at your local auto shop and wonder if they can provide good glass repair results. While all auto glass repair Oceanside repair kits are slightly different, they pose the same risks during and after the glass repair. 

Continue reading to learn about only five DIY vehicle glass repair dangers. 

1. There Are Many Toxic Products 

Most auto glass repair kits include a transparent liquid resin to inject into the glass chip or crack before it hardens. This resin can emit poisonous fumes that hurt your lungs, eyes, and mucous membranes, especially if you work on the glass in a confined space. Furthermore, if this resin comes into direct contact with your skin or eyes, it may cause severe irritation or even harm to your skin or eyes. 

These risks can be reduced by using the product in a well-ventilated area while wearing safety glasses, gloves, and protective clothing. However, the health risks of DIY auto glass repair kits can never be completely eliminated. 

2. The Repair Result Could Make It Difficult to See 

When specialists fix a windshield, they take precautions to guarantee that the restoration cures crystal clear and mixes in nicely with the surrounding glass. If you have a professional repair of a windshield crack or chip, you may leave the glass shop with a windshield that looks like it was never broken. 

When an amateur uses a DIY repair kit to repair a windshield chip or fracture, the final appearance of the windshield can vary dramatically. Improper application and curing might cause the liquid resin to become opaque rather than transparent once it has hardened. Furthermore, any glue that spills beyond the edge of the initial fracture or chip while hardening may create ugly drip lines on your windshield. 

3. Windshield Repairs May Not Restore Structural Integrity 

When you take your cracked or chipped windshield to an auto glass professional for repair, they’ll decide if a simple repair can restore complete structural integrity to the windshield or if it’s time to replace it.

If you have a little bull’s-eye chip near the center of your windshield, for example, an auto glass expert will usually just fix the chip because the damage does not weaken the entire windshield. 

If your windshield has developed a crack several inches long and is located near the windshield perimeter, the auto glass expert will most likely recommend a complete windshield replacement. Furthermore, an extensive damage near the windshield perimeter puts your windshield at risk of failing in the event of a crash even after a repair. 

4. Some Kits Require Ideal Weather Conditions To Be Used

Professional vehicle glass repair is a multi-step process that necessitates using numerous tools that most car owners need to improve. Curing, or hardening, the resin used to restore the auto glass with a specific UV light is one of these steps. 

Because UV lights are costly, and most car owners would rather not spend that much money on a single-vehicle glass repair, many DIY auto glass repair kits urge users to cure glass repair resin in the sunshine for up to several hours. 

It can be difficult to forecast a day when several hours of bright sunlight will shine on the auto glass to help the resin cure correctly in some parts of the country, especially during the winter. 

5. Auto Insurance Companies Do Not Cover DIY Repair Costs 

Some drivers purchase DIY auto glass repair kits to save money since some of these kits can cost less than professional vehicle glass repair. 

On the other hand, most vehicle insurance companies reimburse auto glass repair costs for drivers with comprehensive coverage. Some even waive the insurance deductible for this type of repair since they know that paying for it in full will help them avoid future, more extensive, expensive auto insurance claims.


While the allure of saving time and money through DIY auto glass repair may be enticing for some individuals, it is crucial to weigh the potential risks and negative consequences associated with such endeavors. Amateur repairs can lead to improper installations and further complications and jeopardize the vehicle’s structural integrity. Moreover, considering the importance of auto glass in ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers, it becomes evident that entrusting these repairs to professional technicians is the most prudent course of action. 

Ultimately, by opting for expert assistance, one can ensure that their auto glass is installed correctly and maintains a high level of quality, providing peace of mind and mitigating any potential hazards. Call us and get your auto glass repaired today!

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