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Sensor Calibrations

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    Sensor Calibration Oceanside

    Be aware that your vehicles safety mechanisms often rely on sensors in modern cars to work.

    Sensors on cars have become commonplace in modern cars. They are now used as an integral part of a car’s overall safety features and effectiveness. It goes without saying that if one of these sensors is misaligned, some features can effectively be disabled or nullified.

    If your car has Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, commonly referred to as ADAS, then these sensors will need to be recalibrated with your windshield replacement. While most shops will refer you to the dealer for these calibrations, we can do them in-shop for most vehicles. No need to make two stops when we can replace your windshield and do the calibration in one visit.


    For your ADAS to work properly the sensors must be aligned after your windshield is replaced

    ADAS Features

    Benefits of ADAS


    In some cases, as you approach a parking spot, the ADAS will monitor and measure the surroundings so it can automatically steer, reverse or accelerate, and brake. All with no input from the driver.

    Cruise Control

    The ADAS monitors the distance to the vehicle in front by sending out signals at a high-speed rate. This allows the system to monitor the vehicle's speed in front while accelerating or braking when necessary to maintain a set distance between the cars.


    When the system detects an object is approaching rapidly, as in the case of a high-speed collision, the vehicle will apply the brakes automatically. It will brake hard enough in an attempt to a complete stop before a collision occurs.


    In the case the driver chooses to park the car themselves, the front and rear sonar sensors monitor the distance to the objects in front and behind continuously. They alert the driver while moving slowly to slow or stop when too close to an object.

    Lane Keep

    Using the painted white lines or the curb, the forward-facing cameras monitor the wheels' distance and the lines. When the vehicle comes too close to either side, the system gently guides it back to the center of the lane.

    Blind Spot

    Toward the front of the car, a rear-facing camera on either side keeps an eye on your blind spots. When the driver signals a lane change, and the system detects another car in the collision zone, it will sound an audible alarm to alert the driver.

    Why Its Important to Schedule A Sensor Calibration

    Above are just some of the more notable ADAS features, but rest assured, there are many more. It goes without saying just how important maintaining correctly calibrated sensors can be. Imagine one of your forward-facing cameras is misaligned by even a fraction of an inch. At 50 feet, that tiny amount can mean more than a foot. This may equate to the camera not seeing something in front of you it normally would – potentially leading to a collision. Thankfully in most cases, the system realizes the misalignment and will disable the ADAS altogether.

    With so many things happening at once, just one small misalignment can spell disaster! Call Auto Glass Oceanside and Tint to have your sensors calibrated today!

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