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Side Mirror Repair

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    Side Mirror Repair – Designed for Your Protection

    Side mirrors play a vital part in our ability to navigate safely on our roads.

    Side mirrors are designed to allow you to see as much of the road to the side of you as possible with only a slight head movement. Consider it a “pre-check” to see what’s beside you before you change lanes. When aligned correctly, the side mirror is critical to check there are no cars in your blind spot before making the change. Note that side mirrors never take the place of a complete over the shoulder check.

    A cracked or broken side mirror can mean your lane change can spell disaster for you, your passengers, and other cars on the road.

    Without the ability to check your blind spot, you rely solely on your shoulder check. Since you’ve gone from 2 checks to 1, you’ve effectively halved your ability to change lanes safely. When it comes to driving, making use of your vehicle’s safety features is common sense. If your side mirror is damaged, call Auto Glass of Oceanside before a lane change becomes a tragedy.

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    Top Quality Side Mirror Repair in Oceanside, CA

    Side mirror repair oceanside

    Affordable, Fast and Professional

    A cracked or broken auto side mirror doesn’t always require an expensive repair. If yours has been damaged, you need a professional to repair or replace the glass or casement. Auto Glass of Oceanside has performed these many times, making us a go to for side mirror repairs in Oceanside. We have the skills, experience, and most importantly, we can find an exact match of the side mirror if the damage is beyond repair.

    Our auto glass repair in Oceanside services cover all minor and major repairs. We will ensure your car’s side mirror is repaired or replaced as fast as possible with our extensive experience.

    Types of Side Mirrors

    There are a few different types of side mirrors depending on the car (and sometimes the technology pack chosen from the factory). Most older cars are fitted with a simple plastic case that houses only a mirror. The mirror is controlled manually by pushing on the mirror to adjust it to the desired view.

    Newer models are fitted with electronics and complex mechanisms, making it possible to adjust the view simply by the press of a button.

    Direct Bolt-On
    Heated Mirrors
    Telescopic Mirrors
    Manual Mirrors
    Turn Signal Mirrors
    Antique Glass Cutting
    Folding Mirrors
    Memory Mirrors
    Mirror Replacement
    Power Adjusted
    Towing Mirrors
    Cross Path Detection

    With Greater Technology comes Great Complexity

    With all this new technology, side mirrors have become much more complex to repair and replace. Our expert technicians are well-versed in these repairs making it possible to offer this service confidently. We know we can perform the job correctly and have your car’s safety features operating at 100% once again.

    Side Mirror Repair

    Added Benefits of a Functioning Side Mirror

    Side mirrors cater for much more than just high-speed lane changes.

    When backing into or out of a tight car space, side mirrors are used constantly to monitor the distance between your car and the car/object beside you.

    California law recommends that at least two out of the three mirrors used for safe driving (rearview mirror and two side mirrors) are fully operational at all times. If more than two are not functioning, you run the risk of being given a traffic violation. While it might be legal to drive with just two mirrors, consider if it’s worth the added risk to you and others before taking to the road.

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    Here’s What’s Involved When Repairing Your Side Mirror

    Don’t risk the safety of yourself and others using a faulty or inoperable side mirror.

    Bolted Side Mirror 

    When replacing a bolted side mirror, we remove the bolts fastening the mirror to the vehicle, allowing it to separate. A new mirror is installed by carefully replacing the bolts the same way it was previously installed.

    Electric Side Mirror 

    To replace an electric side mirror, we start by determining how it is fastened to the car. Once we unfasten the mirror, we remove the wiring harness necessary to separate it from the car completely. We then replace the harness with the new mirror and fasten it to the vehicle.

    Electric Side Mirror With Sensors

    Electric mirrors with inbuilt blind-spot checking sensors are more complicated to work with. More wire and extra care must be taken when reinstalling to ensure the sensor is fitted correctly. These mirrors can also include turn signals and heating elements to defog when necessary.

    Side mirror repair san diego

    San Diego Side Mirror Repair With The Lowest Price Guaranteed!

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