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    As window tint has become a necessity across Southern California. It’s no surprise that as window tinting Oceanside has become more popular, there has been a rise in substandard quality tint and workmanship. 

    The employees of Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside have combined decades of experience working in the auto tint industry. Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat or increased privacy, we provide various top-of-the-line tint films that provide long-lasting solutions.

    For our window tinting Oceanside, we use 3M™ tint films, which is considered one of, if not the highest quality films on the market. 3M™ is well known for its affordability while being unmatched in quality and its ability to match your car’s aesthetics seamlessly. 3M™ tint is also backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get on the market.

    See our Tesla window tinting Oceanside page to learn more about your unique tinting options.

    We are Oceanside window tint experts.

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    Discover the 3M™ Window tint Oceanside Difference.

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    Not sure what window film is best for you?

    Whether you’re concerned about excessive heat, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare, or security, we have a window tint in Oceanside, Ca to enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle. At Auto Glass and Tint Oceanside, we offer a range of tint percentages, including:

    Our Window Tinting Oceanside Options

    3M™ FX Premium

    Our 3M™ FX Premium comes in 5%, 15%, 35%, and 55%. It’s backed by a lifetime nationwide warranty that covers bubbling and peeling.

    3M™ Color Stable

    Our 3M™ Color Stable line comes in 5%, 20%, 35%, and 50%. It has more heat rejection and a more comprehensive warranty for bubbling, peeling, fading and color change.

    3M™ Ceramic IR

    Our 3M™ Ceramic IR film is our newest and most popular product right now. It has similar heat reduction properties as the Crystalline, but comes at a lower price point. It comes in 5%, 15%, 30% and 70%.

    3M™ Crystalline

    Our 3M™ Crystalline line is a high heat rejection nano film that blocks UV Infrared and rejects over 60% of heat. It has the same warranty as the Color Stable line and comes in 20%, 40%, 70%, and 90%.

    Good looks are just the beginning with 3M™ Automotive Window Tint.

    3M™’s tint films really are a class above for protection, privacy, safety, and aesthetics. 

    Still unsure on whether to tint your windows? Here are some of the many benefits of tinting your car windows: 


    Tint rejects 60% of solar energy that comes through your windows. It also evens out the interior temperature helping save gas and wear on your engine from your AC struggling to cool your car.


    Block 99% of harmful UV rays that harm you and your car. If you have children, window tint is a must. Tint also rejects radiation, light, and heat, to make every ride more comfortable.


    You will relived to know that all of our tints provide easy and clear connectivity, our tints do not impact your 5G device connection unlike other tints on the market.

    Protection & Privacy

    Tint reduces injuries during an accident as the tint film holds the glass together. It also keeps your belongings safe from theft.


    Tint provides less distraction from oncoming car’s headlights and sunlight. It also provides you with a comfortable and safer driving experience.

    Enhance the Appearance
    and Style of Your Car

    A 3D window tint can provide your vehicle a new refreshed look and add the protection you need.  Our Oceanside Window Tint services add a layer of style and sophistication to your car. You can choose a 3M™ window tint film that expresses your unique style and matches your car’s character. Choose from sheer tints to maintain the appearance of your vehicle or darker tint for added privacy.

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    Customize Your Car With a
    Window Tint of Your Liking

    Our Oceanside window tint offers a stylish appearance that any other type of auto bodywork can’t beat. Here’s why customers choose Auto Glass & Tint Oceanside for their tinting needs:

    • We offer different tint film materials such as ceramic, which maximizes ultraviolet and heat rejection.
    • Our tint films keep your car cool and protect it from sun damage that usually causes upholstery to fade.
    • We have both light and dark films, depending on your needs and preference.
    • We offer dark window tint options, which offers extra privacy for you, your passengers, and your belongings.

    Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside knows how important it is to you that your car looks great, even when parked on the block. We use 3M™ tint films that provide a durable product and receive a lifetime, national warranty against peeling, distortion, and bubbling.

    How We Do It

    Our Window Tinting Oceanside Application


    STEP 1.
    Stop by at your convenience, or book your appointment for window tinting in Oceanside, CA below.


    STEP 2.
    Drop off your vehicle, and we will prepare your car ready for tinting. This includes thoroughly cleaning the windows to ensure nothing remains between the tint and the glass.


    STEP 3.
    Where required, We will remove any old tint before applying our top quality 3M™ tint to your vehicle. Usually, you can expect it to be done in just under a few hours!

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