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    San Diego Sunroof Repair Experts

    Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside has all the solutions to meet your auto glass repair needs, and that includes repairing your car’s sunroof glass. Our technician have decades of experience, which gives our team the upper hand in sunroof repairs in San Diego.

    Facing issues with opening and closing your car’s sunroof can be really disappointing. After all, it offers a pleasant way to enjoy driving around sunny California. The sunroof adds to your car’s aesthetic appeal and provides a convenient opening besides the side windows for getting some fresh air.

    Your sunroof might not work for several reasons, such as over-use, under-use, technical difficulties caused by a heavy object, like a tree branch, falling on it, faulty connection, and more. Rest assured as we have the skills to repair the sunroof mechanism no matter the issue.

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    Top Quality Sunroof Repair & Replacement in San Diego

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    If Your Car’s Sunroof is Leaking or Broken,
    Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside Will Repair It

    Is your sun roof or moon roof leaking water? Maybe it has a small air leak causing an annoying whistling everywhere you go. Whether you have a water leak, air leak or even if your sunroof is completely broken and needs to be repaired, the professionals at Auto Glass in Oceanside can fix that aggravating problem in no time flat. 

    Primarily, sunroofs are for enjoyment. They make even a short ride to the grocery store more refreshing. Take advantage of our auto glass repair Oceanside, CA. Whether it’s a small chip, loose auto glass, or cracked surface, we will do our best to repair it or replace is necessary. You will get your sunroof back, and that’s our promise. Call us today for a free estimate.

    Types of Sunroofs

    From basic styles with older designs to modern with luxury options, we have fixed them all

    At first glance, a sunroof is seen as a simple piece of auto glass that’s fitted on the roof. It’s an addition that most people love in their car. If you’re a car owner who loves taking long drives and feeling the wind in your hair, you would appreciate a sunroof’s value.

    If your car’s sunroof stops operating normally, you can trust Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside to fix it. No two car sunroofs are the same. Apart from the basic folding sunroof, we also have experience in making modern sunroof repairs in San Diego, which include tilt designs, sliding glass, and more. Whether the sunroof glass is opaque or transparent, operated electrically or manually, we will provide you with a solution in the form of a repair or replacement.

    Below are the types of sunroofs we offer auto glass repair Oceanside for:

    Folding Sunroof

    Cars with sunroof design or retracting sunroofs have become popular. In the early days, sunroofs for cars were made using a thick cloth and operated manually. It was an inexpensive way to feel the wind while driving. If you have a vintage car whose sunroof upholstery or cloth has been damaged, bring it to us for repairs. Let us restore your car’s classic look.

    Pop-Up Sunroof

    This sunroof is purely for looks. It does not slide or open in any way. When fixed in its place, the pop-up sunroof lets light in and is liked by those people who don’t like a breeze messing up their hair. There are certain pop-up sunroof designs that can be removed completely to give your car a convertible look.

    Solar Sunroof

    A sunroof having a solar panel for auto glass is quite common in hybrid and electric cars. It helps power a few select features in the car, such as charging your mobile phone and power bank. We use a high-quality replacement solar panel to make sure that you get the same performance as before.

    Sliding Roof

    This sunroof type is mostly electronically operated. The switch is located inside the car. Upon pressing, it either slides the auto glass inside the roof or up and back. The sliding sunroof has a slight shade to it and can be tinted to eliminate any harmful UV rays from damaging the interior.

    Targa and T-Tops

    A T-top is quite different from a sunroof but is counted as one. It has 2 removable roof panels; one is located on the side of the driver, and the other is on the side of the passenger. A support bean runs in the middle. On the other hand, a targa top does not have a beam and pulls back in the style of a convertible.

    Panoramic Sunroof

    A panoramic sunroof is extra-large and offers massive amounts of air, light, and sky views. Modern cars have two panoramic sunroofs; one is located in the front and the other in the back for the rear passengers. This sunroof type should be fixed quickly as an issue in them can leave your car vulnerable to the weather and thieves.
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