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    Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside is the premier Tesla tint supplier in San Diego County. If you require window tinting for your Tesla – look no further. Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside provides top quality workmanship to ensure a perfect custom tint for all Tesla models.

    With so many companies offering Tesla window tinting in San Diego, CA, it can be a little daunting to find a provider you can trust. Our custom tinting for Tesla’s will keep you cool while extending the life of your charge by reducing the need for AC. 

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    The Best Tesla window tint in San Diego

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    Tesla model 3 window tint San Diego

    Professionally installed window tint for your Tesla provides several benefits for you and your car.  When choosing the best window tint for a Tesla Model 3 or any Tesla model in San Diego, the same basic principles apply regardless of your vehicle make or model. We recommend balancing out your aesthetic preferences with the benefits of solar heat and UV light reduction, choosing the right tint for your budget along selecting tints that meet your local and state regulations.

    Fortunately,  the Auto Glass & Tint Oceanside experts are here to help you choose the best tint for your Tesla. Call or stop by the shop today for a no-obligation estimate of window tint pricing. Below are some of the main benefits of Tesla window tinting in San Diego.

    Benefits of a Tesla window tint

    Extend Your Charge

    Our custom Tesla tinting will keep you cool while extending the life of your charge. Solar heat penetrating through your Tesla's windows runs your A/C and drains your battery faster, reducing the range on each charge. Window tinting blocks the majority of solar heat so you can drive further and enjoy a more comfortable drive.


    Snow, sun, and headlamps can cause quite the glare, which can be dangerous when driving at top speed. Window tinting can drastically reduce this glare to ensure a safe driving experience.


    Tinted windows offer your belongings inside your car protection and your privacy. You can leave your laptop or other valuable items in the backseat without worrying about burglars stealing them. Think of it as an extra layer of security in addition to your car’s alarm.

    Added Protection

    One of the most significant benefits of window tinting is the added protection it offers if your vehicle is ever involved in an accident. If the glass shatters during a collision, the thin film traps all the pieces together, preventing any major life-threatening injuries caused by the glass.


    Our window tinting solutions keep your car 60% cooler on hot days. The thin film on the glass traps in the air ensures your car maintains the perfect environment all year round.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Due to our long-standing relationship with 3M™, the cars we tint receive a lifetime, national warranty against peeling, distortion, and bubbling.

    Our Tesla Window Tint Options

    We Offer the Best Tint Films in San Diego

    Auto Glass & Tint of Oceanside employees have combined decades of experience working in the auto tint industry. Every year, we stay on top of new film technologies and installation practices to ensure we are the best in the industry. We have carefully chosen our film manufacturer partners based on film performance and longevity.

    If you’re in the San Diego County or Southern California area and looking to have tint applied to your Tesla, you can trust the experts at Auto Glass and Tint of Oceanside to provide premium quality Tesla tinting at affordable prices. We use a single piece of tint film to tint the back and roof, ensuring optimum results and a uniform look for your Tesla.

    We also offer a “Low Price Guarantee,” so not only will you receive high-quality service but also the lowest price available! We provide many Tesla window tint options that come with All films with a lifetime warranty, including the 3M™ Ceramic IR Film and 3M™ Crystalline Film. Learn more about these top quality films below: 

    3M™ Ceramic IR Film


    The 3MTM Ceramic IR Film provides a comfortable ride with high infrared heat rejection. This popular window tint in Oceanside is available in both neutral and dark colors. The film has an absorbent quality, one of the most prominent features of its nano-ceramic technology. It stops around 95% of infrared heat and 66% of solar energy. You will be relieved to know that the 3MTM Ceramic tint does not impact your 5G device connection, unlike other ceramic tints on the market. 

    Here are some of the other benefits that a 3MTM Ceramic IR Film offers:

    • 93% glare reduction from blinding sunlight
    • It has a limited lifetime warranty, which is the most comprehensive one in the market
    • 99% UV protection
    • Color stability
    • No corrosion concerns due to the non-metal design
    • Provides optical clarity with low light reflectivity

    3M™ Crystalline Film


    The 3MTM Crystalline Film is a multilayer optical film that’s developed with nanotechnology. It combines more than 200 layers, and still, this window tint is thinner than a Post it®. Installing the 3MTM Crystalline Film will not only extend your charge but also block UV rays to protect your car’s upholstery.

    Here are some of the other benefits that a 3MTM Crystalline Film offers:

    • It rejects more heat than any other dark film, making it one of the best tint films on the market
    • It rejects around 97% of infrared rays and 60% of solar energy
    • It keeps the heat out but let’s visible light in for an optimum view
    • It lets you stay connected to GPS, satellite radio reception, and mobile devices without interference
    • 99% UV protection that offers SPF of 1000
    • The film is durable, maintenance-free, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty
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    The main challenge is the extra-large window on some models; Any Tesla owner would know the roof and back of the model 3 Tesla is unique, being one piece of glass. We use a single piece of window film to ensure a quality install, maximum lifespan, and a uniform look for the window tint on your Tesla. We are the most experienced Tesla window tinting company in San Diego with experience in all models, including Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, etc. Your Tesla deserves the best tint in San Diego; call us today for your free quote.

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